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Your roof plays a very important part in ensuring the entire structure is protected. It keeps precipitation out, which preserves the entire structure. In the meantime, the roof has the responsibility of completing the home’s architecture. It highlights the best qualities and that is why it is good that there are many textures, colors, and styles of roofing available so that you can have the look that you want.

Because we are locally owned and operated in the Minneapolis area, we have a lot of experience providing personalized service. We also work with only the best names in the building industry, such as Certain-Teed and GAF, in our indoor and outdoor renovation and remodeling projects. When you hire us, you are working with a Bloomington roofing company that believes in sustainability for an affordable price.

Giving You A functional & Long Lasting Roof

The roof takes a beating over time from the sun, everyday weather, and extreme weather events. Hail damage is one of the most common types of damage because hail stones fall at a high velocity. They can crack the shingles and substrate. If large enough, they can punch holes in the roof. It is important to secure the damage as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the home. Once your insurance company pays for the damages, repairs can begin.

If you find that there is moisture in your attic or mildew, it is important to not wait to have the problem addressed. Waiting can cause a minor problem to become a more expensive issue. You also want to ensure your roof is replaced when it is time for it to be replaced so that damage doesn’t occur to other parts of the structure.

Ensuring The Longevity Of Your Roofing

To ensure the longevity of your roofing, it is best to have inspections done at least once per year. Even though you may not see damage yourself, it is possible for there to be damage and/or weak spots that need to be addressed so that they do not lead to more expensive problems in the future. Each time there is a hail storm or you know an object hit your roof, it is also ideal to have it checked out. Our Bloomington roofing contractors will find any damage and ensure it is repaired quickly. You can also implement preventative measures, such as cutting trees away from the roof and eliminating other hazards that could cause expensive damage.

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Caring for your roof is very important because your roof is the first line of defense against the weather. Ensuring it is in good repair is going to do a great deal of good for the integrity of your home. Any time there is bad weather, it is good to have it inspected and any damage repaired. Even if you do not believe there is damage, a regular maintenance schedule can preserve your investment. To learn more about how Tilford Contracting, LLC can help you, call for a free inspection and estimate at 763-227-5952 today.

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