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Commercial Services

Tilford Contracting is a leading Minneapolis design & build contractor specializing in interiors, exteriors, storm damage, commercial remodeling and more. As a commercial contractor in Minneapolis, we have earned a reputation for the quality work that we do. We specialize in a number of commercial construction areas that include roofing, siding, windows, and gutters. When… Read more »

Minneapolis Insulation

Insulating your home is a fairly simple procedure. Insulation will be placed in your attic to lower your energy costs and naturally keep your home at a more comfortable temperature. Insulation can be beneficial in both the cool and warm conditions. Older homes in Minnesota will not be insulated which can mean your house never… Read more »

Basement Remodeling Minneapolis

If you have a basement in your home then consider yourself lucky. Many people will use this space as storage rather than using it to its full potential. Many basements do not come finished and thus it is simply easier to store bikes, old furniture, sports equipment, etc. down here. However, transforming your basement into… Read more »

Minneapolis Bathroom Remodeling

An outdated bathroom can say a lot about your home. You should feel clean, comfortable and calm when you are entering and exiting your bathroom but if your tiles are old, the fixtures outdated and the space cluttered, then regardless of how clean the bathroom is, you could still feel dirty. If you want that… Read more »

Kitchen Remodeling Minneapolis

Most people will spend several hours each day in their kitchen. Whether you are preparing dinner, cleaning up from lunch or restacking the pantry, you don’t want to do these things in a kitchen that is too small, too cluttered and too old fashioned. If you want to modernize and stylize your kitchen then now… Read more »

Painting Contractor Minneapolis

Are you considering a new color for the interior of your home? Painting your house is a big task. While many people will choose to do this job themselves, it can get quite fidgety and time consuming. A good paint job requires at least two coats as well as primer in most instances. If you… Read more »

Minneapolis Deck Builders

If you are looking for a better way to enjoy all that Minnesota has to offer, then you need to get outdoors. While the winters can get quite chilly and uncomfortable, Minnesota is known for its beautiful summer season. Many people will enjoy the great outdoors while gathering with friends and working on perfecting their… Read more »

Gutters Minneapolis

Your gutters play a very important role in the overall maintenance of your home. If your gutters are blocked then this can cause serious complications to the rest of your property. Regular inspections and gutter maintenance is important for all homeowners as is ensuring that your gutters are up to standards. If you are looking… Read more »

Interior & Exterior Doors Minneapolis

Are you looking to install new doors to your home? If so, then you will need a reputable and experienced Minneapolis door contractor to help with the installation. Having your doors replaced, whether you are looking for sliding doors, your patio door or your front door, is not a job that you should play around… Read more »

Minneapolis Windows

Does your home seem to feel cold and drafty, even with the heat turned up and the windows closed? During the summer, does your home seem stuffier than it should? If so, then the reason could be because your windows are not doing their job. Older homes in Minneapolis tend to have single paned windows… Read more »

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