How to Choose a Local Contractor

When searching for a local contractor to provide residential services, the homeowner will need to find a reputable company to do the work. It is important to research the company, ask for referrals, and question if the type of project needed has been done by the contractor in the past.


Repair to damaged areas of the home or changes made to update rooms in the house all come under the area of renovations. The contractor works with the homeowner to estimate what the job will entail and how much it will cost. Renovations may be made to the exterior or the interior of the building. Craftsmen, including cabinetmakers, painters, flooring experts and general contractors may be required to complete your renovation project.

Emergency Service

A quality contractor will be available for speedy service when storm damage occurs to a building. It is important for a good contractor to be able to offer immediate emergency service. This is especially critical for storm damage that can leave a home vulnerable, such as broken windows or roof damage.


A reputable construction company will have proof that the business is fully insured. Liability insurance should cover the needs and safety of employees, site inspectors, subcontractors and materials.  Additional insurance should cover any damage that is done to the customers’ property by employees, subcontractors and the business equipment. The local contractor will have paperwork provided for the homeowner for all stages of the project, from job estimates to completion of project releases.

Be sure to consider the scope of work you need completed, the experience of your contractor, and whether or not your contractor is insured before you make a decision to hire.

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