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Columbia Heights Hail Damage & Storm Damage

The roof of your home plays a vital role in how the entire structure performs. First, the look of the home is completed with an attractive roof that complements its overall structure. At one time the aesthetic appeal of the roof did not matter as much as its functionality did, which was to keep the living quarters dry so that water damage, mold, and mildew would not form. It also aided with temperature control.

At Tilford Contracting, we are a Columbia Heights roofing company that enjoys giving our clients the options that they deserve. We assist in the choosing of roofing type, texture, and color so that the roof is an attractive part of the home rather than just functional. We also work with some well-known names within the building industry, such as Certain-Teed and GAF. It is our goal to provide our customers with options that are sustainable and affordable.

Modern Remodels & Roof Repairs

Roofs take a beating over time. Roofing material is designed to last for many years to come, but there are things that can go wrong as the Minnesota winters and summers beat down on them. The weather in the state is rather harsh and this can cause roof damage, especially from haul, ice, and snow. In the summers, the heat of the sun takes a toll, causing the roof to peel, fade, and fall victim to flying objects when the wind blows.

If the roof leaks, then water damage, mold, and mildew can result. It is important to have roof repairs taken care of before mold or mildew is noticed. When these things are noticed, the damage is already going to cost more to fix. The good news is that your Columbia Heights roofing company can fix the problem quickly and at a good price point. If the damage is caused by a storm, your insurance company will most likely pay and we are here to help you with those insurance claims.

Roof Damage Prevention

Sometimes the key is in preventing roof damage in the first place. Through proper roof maintenance, you can do this. We inspect roofs and can inspect yours at least once a year. It is preferable to do so in the winter so that damage can be easily found before it causes more damage that can take a toll on your wallet. Once the damage is found, minor repairs can be completed so that the damage that is done is minimized. Another step you can take to prevent damage is to have large trees from around the home moved or trimmed back so that the tree or its branches do not hit the home.

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At Tilford Contracting, LLC, we want to make taking care of your home and roof an experience that is easy and convenient. By making sure your roof and your home’s exterior is in good working order, you are protecting the well-being of your home and your wallet. To learn more about our services and how we can help you, call us for a free inspection and estimate at 763-227-5952 today.

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