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Your roof not only looks good on your home, but it does have a highly functional purpose. Your roof completes the function of your home, giving it something that protects it. Your roof also makes it look nice. With many different colors, textures, shingle types, and others to choose from, you can give your home the look that you want and Tilford Contracting can help you do that.

We are a locally owned and operated Crystal roofing company with a significant amount of experience in the industry. We work with only the best names, such as GAF and Certain-Teed. We provide indoor and outdoor restorations and remodels that are affordable and will last for years to come. We have helped homeowners all around Minnesota have the homes that they desire.

Roofing Repairs & Other Services

Your roof takes a lot of abuse over time. While roofing material is designed to last for many years, there are things that can happen along the way. The weather in Minnesota is rather harsh and it can have an impact on the roof. Ice, snow, hail, wind, and even the sun can be culprits over time. Your roof can crack, peel, or fade. Furthermore, a heavy object that falls on your roof can cause a great deal of damage as well.

It is important to make sure that you do not wait to have your roof repaired after you notice mold or a leak in your attic. When this occurs, it is usually too late and you will need the roof to be completely restored. In many cases, even a minor issue can be problematic, but it can be fixed by just fixing that part of the roof. If the damage was caused by the weather or another “act of God,” your insurance will cover it in most cases. We can help you with the insurance company if you are in need of assistance.

Quality Preventative Measures

One of the ways to prevent roof damage is to properly maintain the roof. Through proper maintenance, you can keep the expenses to a minimum down the road. Small amounts of damage can be caught on-time so that they don’t become bigger problems later. That way if it is just a shingle that needs replaced, you can do it now rather than have to replace a large section of the roof later.

In addition to taking advantage of our Crystal roofing company’s service, you can also keep your roof in good condition by removing the hazards, such as large trees, from around it. This will keep large branches and debris from hitting your roof.

Contact A Crystal Roofing Contractor

While it may seem expensive to maintain your roof or replace it when it is time, you will find that the cost of roof maintenance and replacement can be minimal in comparison to also repairing damage that is caused by a damaged roof. Your roof helps with temperature control and protects the home from the weather. To learn more about what Tilford Contracting, Inc. can do for your home and for you, call 763-227-5952 for a free inspection and estimate.

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