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deck builder minneapolis 300x225 Minneapolis Deck BuildersIf you are looking for a better way to enjoy all that Minnesota has to offer, then you need to get outdoors. While the winters can get quite chilly and uncomfortable, Minnesota is known for its beautiful summer season. Many people will enjoy the great outdoors while gathering with friends and working on perfecting their tan in the comfort of their own backyard with a deck or porch. Porch, decks and patios allow you to spend time outside and make the most out of this beautiful state.  If you are looking into extending your property with a deck or porch or if you are looking to renovate an existing outdoor area, then Tilford Contracting can help.

Tilford Contracting is a locally owned and operated Minneapolis home remodeling company that specializes in both interior and exterior features. One of the services that we provide is deck and porch renovations.  We can customize the perfect outdoor living space that complements your home and works with your space.

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Timber and Concrete Decks and Patios

There are several different decking options to consider. Do you want a concrete porch or would you prefer a timber deck? Concrete is a good option as it is resistant and offers a slip free outdoor space. However, timber tends to match with many of the styles of homes in Minnesota and can offer a more elegant look. We can help you determine what type of decking will enhance your area depending on what you plan on doing with this space.

There are many different ways to enjoy a porch or deck. Most families will use this space as another living area and furnish it with outdoor lounge sets or dining settings. You may choose to add a spa or even a swimming pool to a larger porch or place some of the children’s outdoor toys, such as play centers, on this area. You can choose to enclose your deck or add a shade sail for adding comfort and less sun damage or you can choose to keep this area wide open to the breezes and the elements. Add funky outdoor accessories, hanging and potted plants and anything else you wish to make this area personal and elegant.

Deck Builders In Minneapolis

Another thing to consider when it comes to your porch or deck is the safety aspect. If you have small children then you need to consider safety gates and steps that will be child friendly. You will also want a slip free surface to avoid any falls when going onto the porch after a rain storm or during the icy season.

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Whatever you decide to do with your outdoor area, Tilford Contracting can make it happen, and at an affordable price as well. We only work with the best names in the industry and come with high ratings from Angie’s List. All of our Minneapolis decking contractors are fully licensed and experienced and we offer our guarantee of the highest quality materials and services. Contact the team at Tilford Contracting today to book your free inspection and estimate. Call 763-227-5952 to get started today.

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