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painting minneapolis 300x168 Painting Contractor MinneapolisAre you considering a new color for the interior of your home? Painting your house is a big task. While many people will choose to do this job themselves, it can get quite fidgety and time consuming. A good paint job requires at least two coats as well as primer in most instances. If you are looking for a paint job that will make the difference to the overall look of your house, then it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Tilford Contracting can help you with all aspects of painting. We offer both interior and exterior painting and only work with licensed and experienced professionals. We use high quality paint and supplies that will ensure your paint lasts longer and requires little maintenance over the years.

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Interior Painting Minneapolis

Adding a coat of paint to your home can add thousands of dollars in value to your property. In fact, painting your house is one of the most cost effective ways to renovate your home and see the results when the time comes to sell. A fresh coat of paint to the exterior and interior of your property, along with the right staging, can help you sell your home for around $10,000 more than you would expect. This is a huge turnaround.

However, even if you are not selling your home in the future, adding a new color to the walls is a great way to modernize your home and keep it looking fresh. If you are looking at changing the color then we can help you determine the right color scheme that will work with your furniture and your interior design.

If you want to keep the same color but get rid of the stains, marks and loss of shine, then we can easily do this for you too. When you work with the team at Tilford Contracting we will do all the hard work for you. There is no need to purchase the paint; there is no need to cover the furniture; there is no need to tape the edges; and there is no need to get dirty with the roller and the cutting in. All you need to do is relax and we will have the job completed for you in no time.

Exterior Painting Minneapolis

Updating the color scheme of your exterior is another great way to modernize and stylish your home. This year neutral tones are in. Think chestnut browns and slate greys. While you may not take about the current trends, the color of your home does provide people with a clue as to how old the property is. You can instantly take years off your house by choosing the right color scheme for your exterior.

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Tilford Contracting can help you with all aspects of your painting requirements, from color selection to application. Contact the team at Tilford Contracting today to book your free inspection and estimate. Call 763-227-5952 to get started today.

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