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roofing minneapolis 300x222 Roofing MinneapolisYour roof not only has a functional purpose to your home but also an aesthetic one. Your roof will complete the look of your property and thus you want to choose a style, texture and color that match the overall look of your home. There are a number of different options when it comes to your roofing material from slate to shingles, from tin to metal. If you are considering a new roof, the team at Tilford Contracting can certainly help.

We are a locally owned and operated Minnesota roofing company with plenty of experience in the building industry. We work with only the best names in the business including Certain-Teed and GAF. We provide sustainable and affordable indoor and outdoor renovations and remodels for homeowners across Minnesota.

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Roofing Repairs and Remodels

Your roof will take a beating over time. While roofing material is designed to last for several years, there are a number of things that can go wrong. The harsh weather conditions we face can cause damage to your roof, especially damage from ice, snow, hail and even sun over time. Your roof could be prone to cracking, to peeling and to fading. Furthermore, if a heavy object falls on your roof, such as a nearby tree during a wind storm, then this can also impact your roof.

Don’t wait until you notice a leak or mold in your attic. When this happens, it is often too late and you will need a complete restoration. In many instances a minor problem with your roof can be corrected by just fixing a certain part of your roof and if the damage was caused by a storm, hail or other weather disaster, then your insurance will most likely cover it. Tilford Contracting can offer you complete restorations to provide your home with a new and modern look as well as minor repairs.

Preventing Roof Damage

There are some things you can do to prevent any roofing damage and out of pocket expenses down the road. First of all, schedule an inspection with a licensed Minneapolis roofing contractor at least once a year and preferably after winter. That way, if there are any minor repairs or shingles that need replacing, you can have it done now without waiting until the damage becomes worse and the entire roof needs to be repaired.

You can also keep your roof in better condition by removing any hazards around it, such as large trees that could fall. Take the time to inspect your roof and check for any minor problems. A small crack in a shingle may not seem like a big deal but this can escalate into several problems, including mold damage and possible flooding down the road.

Minneapolis Roofing Company

Tilford Contracting can help you with all aspects of your roofing renovations, from minor repairs and inspections to complete restorations. Contact the team at Tilford Contracting today to book your free inspection and estimate. Call 763-227-5952 to get started today.

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