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siding minneapolis 300x237 Minneapolis SidingYour siding plays an important role to the look and feel of your property. Not only will it offer protection from the cool weather and the harsh outdoor conditions, but it will also provide your home with a beautiful look. The texture, material and color of siding you choose will depend on a number of factors including the style of your home, the budget you are on and the look you want to create. Do you want to modernize your property or are you looking for a classic yet practical look? The team at Tilford Contracting is leading Minneapolis siding contractors that are more than happy to help you find the perfect siding for your property.

Tilford Contracting is a locally owned and operated Minnesota siding company with years of experience and countless satisfied customers. We are fully licensed and come with high ratings from Angie’s List. We work with only the best names in the industry and offer an eco-friendly and affordable solution to siding.  In addition to siding installation and inspection, we also provide several other interior and exterior renovation projects.

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Siding Inspection and Installation

There are a several different siding materials to consider. Vinyl siding is a popular and affordable option. It is durable and resistant and it is also one of the more sustainable options. Timber has been a popular choice for siding for homes across Minnesota because of its rustic and classic look. However, timber can be harder to maintain and a little more expensive.

Steel is becoming another popular choice for homeowners in Minneapolis because it is so resistant to damage. It is literally maintenance free and can handle all pressure from outdoors, from fire damage to flooding. Steel is also a natural insulator making it a perfect option for those cold winters and hot summers.

Minneapolis Siding Contractor

Choosing the right siding for your home is never easy. Tilford Contracting can make the decision a little less daunting. We provide state of the art technology to help you create the right look. We offer assistance on new properties as well as existing homes that may be in need of a facelift. When you change your siding you can expect

  • A higher resale value on your home
  • A more modern look
  • A better way to protect your home
  • More protection from outside damage and noise

Minneapolis Home Remodeling Company

Siding has come a long way over the years. Whether you opt for a timber siding to enhance the classic look of home or whether you stick to something more modern such as elegant steel, Tilford Contracting is here to help. We offer complete siding restorations to new and existing homes as well as minor repairs and siding inspections. Contact the team at Tilford Contracting today to book your free inspection and estimate. Call 763-227-5952 to get started today.



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