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Your roof is a very important component in the protection of your home. It protects the interior from the weather and the sun, resulting in it retaining its integrity. In addition to protecting your home, it also has aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, there are many colors, textures, and styles that you can choose from that meet your budget and match the architecture of the home. You can choose what suits you best and have the look you have always desired.

Because we are locally owned and operated, all of our customers experience a personal touch. We have a lot of experience in the building industry and work with only the best brands in the business. We work with names such as Certain-Teed and GAF in our indoor and outdoor remodeling and renovation services. We also make sure that what we provide is affordable and sustainable. You will find that you are working with a Richfield roofing contractor who puts your needs and wants first.

Ensuring Your Roof Lasts

Your roof takes a lot of abuse over time. Although the roofing material may be designed to last for decades, there are events that happen, such as hail storms. Hail storms wreak havoc on roofing because the stones hit the roof at a high velocity. This can crack shingles or cause holes and cracks in the substrate. Whatever the damage, we can repair it quickly so that no further damage occurs to the home. However, damage that is the result of a storm may be covered by your insurance company. We can secure the damage until your insurance company pays so that no further damage occurs.

If you notice that there is moisture and/or mildew already in your attic, it is important to call us as soon as possible so we can repair the damage before any further damage occurs. Addressing leaks as soon as possible will save you money on more expensive repairs in the long-term.

Preventing Roof Damage

Through regular inspections, you can ensure that there are no unseen issues that could cause a problem. Those issues can be addressed and this will extend the life of your roof. Roofing should be inspected at least once a year and after severe storms to ensure that there is no damage.

You can also have trees near the home trimmed back so that trees do not fall on the house and so branches do not hit the roof. If there are other hazards, securing them or removing them will also help prevent damage to your roof.

Contact A Richfield Roofing Contractor

The roof of your home has a lot of responsibilities. One is that it keeps moisture out of your home and, because it keeps moisture out of the home, it is able to preserve the structure. Through regular inspections and repair when it is needed, you can ensure your roof lasts for the long-term rather than it have to be replaced prematurely, thus causing a financial burden for you. To learn more about the many roofing options and other services that Tilford Contracting, LLC has to offer, call for a free inspection and estimate at 763-227-5952 today.

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