Siding Options for Minneapolis Homeowners

Siding is not something most homeowners have to consider more than once, if ever. Siding lasts for 20 or 30 years easily, typically making it a one-time purchase. Lacking in repeat experience regarding materials and options, many Minneapolis homeowners are uncertain about what is available. While many materials are universally available, certain types of Minneapolis siding are better suited to the climate and conditions.

Why Is Siding Important?

Siding is not just an aesthetic touch added to a home to give it style and color. While those reasons are important, siding also provides protection for the structure. Choosing the right siding will reduce the chance that moisture can seep inside and damage the structure. Moisture can lead to mildew, mold and, eventually, rot. This type of damage can also lead to health problems and aggravate allergies.

Siding can also be important in keeping pests out of a home or office building. Dust mites, bacteria, birds and animals can make their home inside structures that are not properly sealed. Any of these pests could eventually cause structural damage.

Types of Siding

Minneapolis siding has to stand up to some pretty harsh weather conditions. The most commonly used siding material options are brick, stucco, cement, metal, vinyl, wood-clad and wood fiber. Any of these materials will lend not only a beautiful appearance to the home, which increases its value, but will provide protection from the elements. The costs vary, and some types are more suited to certain styles of homes than others. A siding contractor will be able to offer suggestions based on location, budget and your personal preferences.

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