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St. Louis Park Hail Damage & Storm Damage

Your roof plays the most important role for the well-being of your home. While it does complete the look of your home, it has the responsibility of protecting it. At one time, the aesthetic appeal of the roof did not play an important role. Its most important role was to keep the living quarters of the home dry so that it would not form mold and mildew and so everything inside was protected. It also helped control the temperature of the structure.

At Tilford Contracting, we are a St. Louis Park Roofing Company that is proud to be able to provide our clients with options. We can assist you in choosing the roofing color, type, and texture that you want so that you can add to the architecture of your home. This makes the roof more than just a functional part of the home. We also work with some of the best names in the industry, such as GAF and Certain-Teed, providing high quality options so that your roof will last for many years to come.

Quality Roofing Options & Repairs

Your roof is going to go through some abuse throughout the years. While roofing material is designed to last for decades, there are times when things go wrong. For example, the weather in Minnesota is harsh. It can go from one extreme to another. It can experience snow and ice in the winter, haul and wind in the spring and summer, and the summers bring about some rather extreme heat. The result can be a roof that fades, cracks, and peels. It is also exposed to flying objects during storms.

It is important that you not wait to address possible roof damage until you see the mold and mildew in the attic or in other areas around the home. When these telltale signs are noticed, the damage is going to cost more to repair. Fortunately, our St. Louis Park roofing contractor has the experience and the resources to correct the issue quickly and at a good price point. If the damage is caused by the weather, then your insurance company will most likely pay for it. If you need help with the insurance company, we can assist you.

Roof Maintenance To Prevent Damage

You can prevent roof damage by having it inspected at least once a year and preferably in the winter so that damage is spotted before it becomes problematic. By having these problems taken care of immediately, you minimize the damage that can happen from the winter weather. You may also want to remove large trees or have them trimmed so they do not land on your home or lose branches that could be damaging to the home.

Contact A St. Louis Park Roofing Company

If your roof is damaged or it is time to be replaced, you want to work with a roofing contractor with a successful track record and who produces more than satisfactory results. At Tilford Contracting, LLC, we are dedicated to our customers, ensuring their homes are taken care of like they are our own. To find out more about our services and how we can use them to benefit you and your home, call 763-227-5952 for a free consultation.

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