Storm Damage

Minneapolis Hail Damage Roofers

hail damage minneapolis 300x225 Storm DamageHas your home been through the wars when it comes to poor weather? If you have suffered from storm damage then now is the time to do something about it. The longer you wait, the worse the damage can become. Even if your home is still functioning, a minor repair is often better than having to completely restore the damaged area. At Tilford Contracting we can provide you with a free inspection and estimate when faced with storm damage of any type.

Tilford Contracting is a leading name in interior and exterior restorations. Storm damage, however, is a little different than the traditional home renovation. There is usually urgency to the project and it may not be something that you have been planning and saving for. The good news is that most insurance companies will cover damage caused by storms. The even better news is that Tilford Contracting works directly with several of the leading insurance companies across Minnesota so there will be minimal costs to repair your property.

Storm Damage Repairs Minnesota

What type of damage could you be looking at? The problem with Minnesota weather is that it is so unpredictable. Heavy wind storms can knock trees and debris around your property. If a tree hits your window or your roof, then you could be in need of a repair as quickly as possible. A broken window can invite bugs, rain and intruders into your home. A damaged roof can result in leaks and mold in your attic and other areas.

Another common problem we see is damage due to hail. Hail, snow and ice can be incredibly dangerous and when the hail is large, it can cause extreme dents and damage to your roof. If hail has dented your roof or damaged a shingle, then it is best to have this repaired as quickly as possible. Even if there is no flooding yet, this could happen down the road and it is best to have the damage repaired, however minor, before it creates an even bigger mess to clean up later.

Ice can also cause problems to your property. Icicles can damage your gutters, causing them to crack and split. It can also wreck your roof and even wear down your patio, deck and other outdoor areas.

Preventing Storm Damage

No one can stop Mother Nature from doing what she wants to do. If your home happens to get in her path of destruction there is very little you can do but be prepared with adequate insurance. However, it is a good idea to do the necessary preparations for storm season. Check and clean your gutters and inspect your roof. Book an appointment with a home repairs contractor in Minneapolis to fix any minor problems that could become worse during the winter and storm season. If there are large trees near your house, consider having them removed in case they do fall down in a wind storm and crush your home. Check that the foundation is firm and that the plumbing is working correctly as well. For more information on staying safe and repairing any damage during storm season, contact the team at Tilford Contracting today to book your free inspection and estimate. Call 763-227-5952 to get started today.

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