What to Do When You Suspect Hail Damage

Minneapolis is subject to hailstorms that rise up suddenly and leave a great deal of damage in their wake. You may not think your roof can be damaged by hail but, the truth is, roof damage can be substantial. In many cases, the damage is visible from the ground. The first thing to do if you suspect hail damage is to call a Minneapolis roofing contractor to come inspect your roof as soon as possible.

One way you may be able to discern if there has been damage is by noting the size of the hail during the storm. Hail that is less than 1.5 inches in diameter tends to cause little if any damage. If the hail is larger, however, you may have a problem.

Another thing to look for is damage in your yard and the surrounding area. If the hail was sufficient enough to damage trees and shrubs, leaving missing or hanging braches, it was probably sufficient enough to cause roof damage. Other signs include awnings and trellises that are battered or damaged. Loose shingles on the roof or in your yard are a sure sign of roof damage.

Call your insurance company to get the claim process started. Next, call your local roofing contractor to get an estimate for the damage. An insurance adjustor will visit your property and assess the damage, and determine what part of the damage is covered by your policy. Your Minneapolis roofing contractor can work with the adjustor to make sure the claim is processed in a timely manner, and the repairs made as quickly as possible.

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