Winter Weather Can Cause Accidents that Leave Garage Doors Inoperable

We all know accidents are part of life. They can occur for any number of reasons. People can be distracted, tired or lacking in certain skills. Even the weather can play a part, and nowhere is this more evident than when it comes to operating a motor vehicle in Minneapolis in the winter! Snowy conditions and icy roads can cause all sorts of accidents. Even garages can attest to this fact. Some wear dents and dings as battle scars, treating repairs as an option. Some accidents, however, can leave garage doors inoperable. Minneapolis garage door repair is often required when a driver slides on the snow or ice.

Most drivers in Minneapolis take precautions to drive more carefully during inclement weather. Still, things beyond a driver’s control can occur that result in an accident. Traction and the ability to stop in time are often the culprits in these situations. After making it safely back to their own driveway, a driver’s mind often begins to focus on other things. The snow or ice on the driveway may seem inconsequential at this point. That’s when it happens.

The car skitters a bit on the ice and slides into the garage. The driveway may be on an incline which forces the driver to accelerate a bit. On snow or ice, this could lead to a miscalculation and a dented garage door. On a declining driveway, the odds of slipping and hitting the door are even higher. Some impacts can cause the door to move out of proper alignment, leaving it unable to open or close properly. This is when Minneapolis garage door repair becomes mandatory rather than optional.

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