Winter Weather Damages Roofing

When winter melts away, it is a wise move for a homeowner to inspect the roof for any damage that may have been done during harsh winter weather. A particularly severe winter can open the door for damage to the interior of the home, even if the smallest repair is left undone. Minneapolis roofing is susceptible to cracked and torn shingles after high winds, sleet, snow and ice build-up occurs.

Make an appointment with a contracting professional who will inspect the roof for any winter weather damage. The inspector knows exactly what to look for when checking out the entire roofing system. If a tree or heavy branches have fallen on the roof, it is important to have the inspection done as soon after a storm as is safely possible.

When any form of damage is found on the top of the roof, it is vital that the inspector check the interior roofing area. A fallen tree, for instance, may have sufficient weight and force to crack a supporting beam.  This may only be visible within the confines of the attic. If left unrepaired, the roof will show signs of structural deterioration that will cause leaks or flooding, even dangerous mold growth,  in the attic and in the home’s interior.

Minneapolis roofing inspections and repairs should be done by a professional contractor who has experience. The contractor will inspect and assess any damage and offer an estimate for the cost of repairs that need to be done with quality materials to protect the home from further damage.

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